Our experience and “know-how” allow us to establish a solid and productive cooperation with our customers that extends to the co-design of castings to meet specific needs, to the production of patterns and equipment, as well as to rapid prototyping, thus significantly cutting production and delivery times.

The Engineering Department has the latest CAD 3D tools which allow to work with all the file formats currently used in the equipment and pattern designer and manufacturer world.

Our engineers work constantly with the customers’ engineering departments of in order to develop solutions that guarantee product optimisation in terms of cost, quality and performance.

The Engineering Department is involved in the complete product cycle: from the quotation, to assisting the Sales Department, to the finished product.

Over 50 years of experience in casting combined with the right resources and highly qualified personnel enable us to supply a wide range of products, even when highly complex in terms of geometry and dimensions, and allow us to supply cast-iron products that meet the customer’s specific needs.