Reliability and overall quality are the primary objectives of FIM cast s.r.l. A dedicated office - SAQ (Quality Assurance Service) - follows all the production and documentary phases with the purpose of guaranteeing the maximum product standards and the compliance with client specifications. But the FIM cast s.r.l. quality is the fundamental characteristic of all company functions, from design to logistics and from the commercial to the administrative departments.

FIM cast s.r.l. intends “Total Quality” as:

Product quality
The mechanical, aesthetic and documentary characteristics of the product comply with the regulations and specifications required by the client.
Service quality
Castings are supplied in the quantity, packaging, transport modes and times agreed with the client. A precise and punctual service has always characterized FIM cast s.r.l.’s supplies, as testified by our vendor ratings.
Quality of communication
The availability and reachability of internal contact persons is maximum and a priority in everyday activities. Information are supplied promptly and with competence, both verbally and in writing.
Quality of co-design
FIM cast s.r.l. supports client designers in the creation of new products right from the first steps. The involvement of the foundry is essential to shorten the times and obtain more advantageous results for both. The possibility of creating and analysing your own prototypes is also an innovative tool that FIM cast s.r.l. makes available to obtain specific feedback in the shortest time possible.
Quality of prevention
Manual on quality, organisational procedures and operating instructions
Quality of checks
Checks upon accepting raw materials and components, self-checks by production operators, statistical production checks and final checks by the SAQ.


Control tools

FIM cast s.r.l. is equipped with a laboratory for the qualitative check of foundry sand. In addition, a periodic and regular collaboration has been set up with an external company to compare data. Continuous analyses of results enable the achievement of a constant quality.

The SAQ office is equipped with all control tools to analyse, qualify and certify produced castings. These include a quantometer, a traction and compression machine, an altimeter, a durometer, a metallographic microscope, a feeler gauge and a tool to verify the superficial roughness of castings. Destructive checks of castings inside the machine shop department are also possible.

In addition, an external service also performs non-destructive checks such as 3D scans and checks on casting integrity with an ultrasound device.

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Quality certificates

The company holds the UNI-EN-ISO 9001 2015 ed. certification and the A.I.A. (Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale - Integrated Environmental Authorisation) authorisation for its compliance with the most stringent environmental and sustainability regulations. Certification UNI ISO 45001 will be issued soon.

In addition, FIM cast s.r.l. is able to certify the following cast iron types by issuing certificates 2.2, 3.1 and 3.2.

Types of lamellar cast iron

UNI EN 1561

EN - GJL - 200

EN - GJL - 250

EN - GJL - 300

Types of spheroidal cast iron

UNI EN 1563

EN - GJS - 400/15

EN - GJS - 450/10

EN - GJS - 500/7

EN - GJS - 600/3

EN - GJS - 700/2