Customer service


This term sums up our relationship with our customer. We aim to be partners rather than suppliers. Partners involved in the same economic process and sharing the same objectives for a long-term, mutually beneficial, cooperation.

As soon as our technical and commercial team receives the request for quotation, we co-design with the customer to obtain a product that fully meets all needs.

This co-design continues throughout the product’s life cycle to ensure prompt deliveries and maximum willingness to address and solve any problems that should arise.

Service Quality

For FIM cast, product quality alone is not enough but has to come with service quality: both are the foundation of customer satisfaction.
Ours is a lean organisation consisting of qualified, motivated and responsible personnel. We are available to discuss and identify with the customer’s needs, providing assistance, prompt replies and prompt solutions at all times.


One of our strong points is the prompt reaction to customer needs and consequent prompt deliveries.
The FIM cast structure strategically focuses on a rapid response to customer needs.