Green sand moulding

The green sand moulding line is a modern and versatile plant that is ideal for both long and short production runs. Retooling takes just a few minutes making it highly versatile.

The iron is heated until melted and is then processed in two electric induction furnaces.

Mould casting is automatic using a PLC controlled electric “press pour” furnace.

Plant production capacity

Plant type Automatic green sand moulding
Moulding box dimensions 550 x 550 x 200 (+200) mm
Casting weights from 0.1 kg to 40 kg
Production capacity 150 - 200 moulding boxes/h
Cast iron type Grey and spheroidal cast iron
Annual production ~ 6000 tonnes/per year
Furnaces 28 tonne + 18 tonne induction furnaces
Casting furnace Automatic "press pour" furnace with PLC control

Line features: