No bake moulding

The NO BAKE moulding shop is completely automated and completes the company’s production capacity for grey and ductile iron castings of medium-large dimensions. It features an electric crucible furnace weighing 28 tonnes.

This state-of-the-art plant has an innovative supervision system that programmes and continuously manages the entire process, from production of the sand-resin moulds to knocking out the castings and recovering the sand.

Moulding is chemical with furan resins.

Casting weights from 40 kg to 1000 kg

Plant production capacity

Plant type Automatic sand resin moulding plant
Maximum mould dimensions 1250 x 1600 x 520 (+520) mm
Minimum mould dimensions 830 x 560 x 200 (+200) mm
Casting weights from 40 kg to 1000 kg
Production capacity 10 moulds/h
Cast iron type Grey and spheroidal cast iron
Mixer 30 tonnes/h
Annual production ~ 6000 tonnes/per year
Furnace 28-tonne induction furnace

Line features: