Pouring simulation

Thanks to an exclusive contract with a service provider, FIM cast s.r.l. employs a simulation software that reproduces all pouring and solidification conditions for a correct casting before manufacturing the equipment. This preliminary study, carried out in close collaboration with the client, enables to take all measures necessary to avoid melting problems therefore shortening completion times in full compliance with quality standards.


FIM cast s.r.l. is able to supply a state-of-the-art quick prototyping service. Using only the 3D files supplied by the client, it is possible to print sand cores and moulds for prototype castings without using physical equipment. This opportunity offers a dual advantage: the evident possibility of not manufacturing definitive equipment until the product is optimised and, most of all, the possibility of obtaining a prototype casting developed and designed together with the foundry, therefore potentially identical to the standard production.


3D check

At the customer's request, FIM cast s.r.l. provides a dimensional control of the casting via 3D scans. This creates a 3D file of the actual casting with highly precise and certifiable measures that can be compared with the initial project file.

Ultrasound check

For nodular cast iron, a non-destructive checking service is also available that employs ultrasound scans. This solution is advisable in case extensive parts of the casting are being processed and mostly during product sampling.