Logistics is definitely one of FIM cast s.r.l.’s points of strength. Thanks to a flexible planning of production and the use of its own means, the foundry can manage client orders with extreme precision and guarantee reduced delivery lead times.

The key points can be summed up as:


Swiftness in the reply to client orders and modifications. The entire FIM cast s.r.l. structure is strategically focused on the capability of promptly answering client needs.


The service is aimed mainly at managing all the different forms of casting procurement required by clients. From the management of orders through the most modern software platforms to using dedicated warehouses at the FIM cast or client facility, the product delivery service is the excellence of FIM cast s.r.l. All stock management forms to reduce lead times and deliver products in just a few days are the norm for the company.


Clients can safely entrust the most strategic products to FIM cast s.r.l., knowing they can count not only on a supplier, but on a partner that follows them from design to the delivery of a product ready for assembly. The excellent vendor ratings obtained are a testimony to the satisfaction of clients when it comes to all aspects of the supply.

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