Total Quality

The FIM cast s.r.l. foundry sets itself the goal of total quality assurance. To this end, it has set up SAQ, the Total Quality Assurance Department.

When we talk of Total Quality we mean:

  • Product Quality

The finished product meets contractual specifications

  • Service Quality

The product is supplied in the agreed quantity and on time. We assist our customers during the design phase for new products to optimise their feasibility in terms of quality and price

  • Communication Quality

The information is supplied promptly with professional skill, both orally and in writing in the language of the foreign customer

  • Price Quality

We are competitive because we avoid any type of waste and focus on continuous improvement in all sectors

Quality Assurance consists of:

  • Prevention

Quality manual, organisational procedures and operating instructions

  • Quality Control

Checking incoming raw materials and components, monitoring by operators during production, statistical control and end quality control by SAQ

Quality Control

The sand control laboratory is equipped with a cohesion meter, permeameter, hygrometer, muffle furnace and mallet for preparing test pieces

The most significant control instruments used by the chemical and metallographic analysis laboratory are: quantometer, carbon/sulphur analyser, universal testing machine for tensile and compression tests, digital altimeter, metallographic microscope and brinell durometer.

FIM cast is an integrated foundry. All the production phases are concentrated in a single facility and undergo numerous inspections. This allows us to obtain a product characterised by high and constant quality.


Standard Types of lamellar cast iron
UNI EN 1561 EN - GJL - 200
EN - GJL - 250
EN - GJL - 300
Standard Types of spheroidal cast iron
UNI EN 1563 EN - GJS - 400/15
EN - GJS - 450/10
EN - GJS - 500/7
EN - GJS - 600/3
EN - GJS - 700/2
Politica per la Qualità